Dorothy Fisher Scottish Contemporary Artist
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Using oils my aim is to paint what I perceive to be beautiful things.  Whether I paint portraits, landscape or still life I strive to capture beauty which perhaps others may not have noticed or observed but which hopefully leaves the viewer delighted and inspired.

In my daily life I am frequently attracted by beauty in all its forms – be it a landscape, flowers, porcelain, a face or simply the juxtaposition of particular colours, shapes and/or tones in anything my eyes fall upon; then I am inspired to try to capture that beauty in paint.

It is also important to me to capture the quality of light in a scene or subject.  In this way, in all my paintings I attempt to show the third dimension.

I enjoy producing life-size, three-dimensional ceramic portrait busts in bronze and fired clay. Creating images both in paint and in clay is my pleasure and vocation and very much part of my every-day life. I cannot imagine a time when I would not wish to pursue creative expression in these fields.  I most admire the works of the Dutch Flower Painters, of the Pre-Raphaelites, particularly William Waterhouse and Holman Hunt, and the portraits of Sir Henry Raeburn and James Guthrie.  These have been very influential and inspiring to me and have set me my goals.  My contemporary influences are, among others, David A. Leffel, Patricia Moran and Scott Christensen.

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