Dorothy Fisher Scottish Contemporary Artist
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Lillies with Spode Plate

  Snowdrops in a Mason's Vase   18th Century Teapot with Gerbera and Chrysanthemums  
  Chrysanthemums with Blue Plate  


  Spode Plate, Pansies and Fruit  

Polyanthus, Antirrhinum and Fruit

  Sake Cup with Grapes and Garlic   Chinoiserie & Chrysanthemums  
  Lilacs with Purple Jug   Anemones, Oranges and Antique Plates   '...and Mellow Fruitfulness'  
  Daffodils with Golden Egg Trinket Box  

Daffodils Study

  Snowdrops in an Antique Coffee Cup   Garlic  
  Pansies   An Antique Chinese Teapot   Sunflowers and Citrus   Catherine's Rhododendrons  
  Poppies   Hexagonal Chinese Vase   Gladioli and Purple Jug   Opaque Yellow Glass Bowl  
  Janettes Peonies   Pile of Poppies  

Assorted Hydrangeas with Spode Plate

  Vivienne's Peonies   Scattered Garlic   Hydrangea   Physallis  
  Opaque Yellow Glass Bowl II   White Hydrangea   Tea & Chinoiserie   Garli


  Chrysanthemums in a Glass Vase   Gladioli and Red Fan   Yellow Chrysanthemums and Porcelain Egg   Ann's Poppies  
  Pink and White Chrysanthemums   Mushrooms   Snowdrops in Antique Cup   Chinoiserie  
  Giant Ball Chrysanthemums   Cosmos and Chrysanthemums   A Cascade of Peonies      
  Sunflowers and Chrysanthemums   Chrysanthemums and Purple Jug   Lilacs and Limes  
  Rhododenrons with Striped Cloth   Blue Plate   Assorted Hydrangeas in a Brass Pot  
  Cabbage and Chrysanthemums   Still Life with Heuchera   Copper Kettle  
  Still Life with Striped Cloth   Wild Poppies   Rhododendrons with Cabbage Dish  
  Lilacs and Plums   Still Life with Grapes and Hydrangeas   Hydrangeas and Spode Plate  
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